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Here is the code in my batch file

set startdate="9/1/2011"
set enddate="10/31/2011"

sqlcmd -Q "exec mysp '%startdate%', '%enddate%'"

I want to execute the command in SQL Server:

exec mysp '9/1/2011', '10/31/2011'
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Well, you haven't exactly told us what's going wrong but I'm guessing the double quotes arond the dates are being included in the command, as per:

C:\Users\Pax> set startdate="9/1/2011"

C:\Users\Pax> echo %startdate%

C:\Users\Pax> set startdate=9/1/2011

C:\Users\Pax> echo %startdate%

Try removing them.

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It looks like the code was actually working with or without quotes. It must have been me trying a bunch of tests in between that was breaking it. – jimiyash Oct 8 '11 at 1:35

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