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I have created a basic app/landing page for a client and I want to add it to the clients business page. I did the same thing a month ago and it worked fine but now I cannot figure out how to get the app I created to appear in the list on the left. this is the business account I am trying to add my app to


and this is the app landing page


this is the page it did work on

can some one help I cannot figure it out and its driving me crazy is it do with the clients page i am adding it to?

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This may be the result of Facebook's new SSL host requirement for apps and iframes beginning Oct. 1.

To self host it seems that you need a domain with SSL certification, an add-on as cheap as $10, and a dedicated IP address from your host.


Sorry just say your app is hosted on a proper https page, don't know what your issue may be, still it's probably an issue for others.

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You can get a trusted SSL certificate for less than $10 - they're free from startssl.com for example –  Flexo Oct 8 '11 at 13:40
Yeh its hosted on BC using world secure systems I thought that would be fine to use as a secure location. –  Jackson Poultney Oct 9 '11 at 22:55

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