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Do you know how to test binary excutable Iphone app file?
The file may be xxx.app style.
I want to test binary excutable file on my Iphone.
Because It has some difference with the file which is made by X-code (being made After an user clicks "Run" button)

It should be different.

Here is the detailed story why I think like that.

I have made a radio streaming app.  
It works perfectly when I tested on my iphone.  

But I faced with not understandable problem After getting approve by Apple, and Testing it on my Iphone.  
My app does not work! As opposed to Before!  
(I have struggled so many time with app store for this problem.)

Here is the console log (this log message did not appeared to me when I tested on my Iphone)  
 <Notice>: ***LOG:*** -- libmms: protocol failed

I can not understand why my app failed to connect. And print this log message.

I used ffmpeg, libmms as static library, And libz.dylib as dinamic library.  
And there is nothing special on my app.

Before I submit my app to app store,  
I changed code signing identity to Distributor,  
changed Valid Architecture to armv6, armv7   
changed Architecures to standard(armv6, armv7)   

That's all.

Please help me.
Do you know How to test binary excutable Iphone app file?
Thanks you very much.
I really need your help... Thanks

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Wow, thats crazy. What you can probably do is integrate testflight sdk into your app. And NSLog to its console. Distribute to your beta builders and you can pull those logs from testflight portal and troubleshoot it from there. testflightapp.com – ARC Oct 8 '11 at 2:18
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there is a detailed explanation

give your an excutable file to beta tester.

It is very simple.

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