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I wanted to remove all the tags in HTML file. For that I used re module of python. For example, consider the line <h1>Hello World!</h1>.I want to retain only "Hello World!". In order to remove the tags, I used re.sub('<.*>','',string). For obvious reasons the result I get is an empty string (The regexp identifies the first and last angle brackets and removes everything in between). How could I get over this issue?

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You can make the match non-greedy: '<.*?>'

You also need to be careful, HTML is a crafty beast, and can thwart your regexes.

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Parse the HTML using BeautifulSoup, then only retrieve the text.

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Is BeatifulSoup a module in python? or What is it? – PaulDaviesC Oct 8 '11 at 3:50 – akonsu Oct 8 '11 at 3:51

make it non-greedy:

off-topic: the approach that uses regular expressions is error prone. it cannot handle cases when angle brackets do not represent tags. I recommend

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Use a parser, either lxml or BeautifulSoup:

import lxml.html
print lxml.html.fromstring(mystring).text_content()

Related questions:

Using regular expressions to parse HTML: why not?

Why it's not possible to use regex to parse HTML/XML: a formal explanation in layman's terms

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Beautiful Soup is great for parsing html!

You might not require it now, but it's worth learning to use it. Will help you in the future too.

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