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I want to make an zc.buildout configuration for production use. In my case, I have two sub-projects from two separate SVN repositories. I want to deploy these into the same web site. Basically, these are two sub-sites that will go into the same web server. I can manually put this together on my PC, but I'd like to use buildout. How do I do this? It strikes me that I need to first get the latest version of the two sites from SVN (put them where?) Next, run the buildout script on each of the sub-projects??? Next, run the buildout script in the master project??? Is that right?

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Try your luck with mr.developer, it can check out and update your svn projects during buildout automatically.

Something like:

extensions = mr.developer
auto-checkout =
parts = baaz

foo = svn
bar = svn

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = 

Note, this is not a complete working example, just a general buildout layout.

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