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I have a problem with this example

(define (+ x y)
  (if (= x 0)
      (+ (-1+ x) (1+ y))))

What is the problem with -1+ and 1+, when i evaluate it i get this result

  • DrScheme: -1+: this function is not defined
  • racket : reference to undefined identifier: -1+

but i write this instead and it works

(define (add x y)
  (if (= x 0)
      (+ (- x 1) (+ y 1))))
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For Racket:

  • Use add1 instead of 1+
  • Use sub1 instead of -1+ or 1-

The trouble is, none of those names are standard, so you can't reliably use them across all Scheme implementations. :-)

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sub1 and add1 are great, I think that Sussman use -1+ only to explain this example. Thanks Chris – Ahmad Ajmi Oct 8 '11 at 5:46

You can fix this by adding SICP support to DrRacket.

Anymore trouble let me know.

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