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How would this turn out from asm to pure delphi? I cant compile a component that needs GraphicEx, giving me an error in JPG unit that inline assembly isn't suported for 64 bit.

function __ftol: Integer;
  f: double;
    lea    eax, f             //  BC++ passes floats on the FPU stack
    fstp  qword ptr [eax]     //  Delphi passes floats on the CPU stack
  Result := Trunc(f);
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ftol is generally included when you link against .obj files compiled with bcc32. Is that what is happening here? – David Heffernan Oct 8 '11 at 7:35
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function __ftol( f : double) : Integer;
  Result := Trunc(f);

Update : Sorry I'm wrong. The double is stored in the FPU upon entry to this function. The double is then put into the local var f and truncated to an integer. So forget my answer.

This routine is not used in GraphicEx so just try to comment it away.

Update 2.

As David says, it could be used by linked in .obj files. Assuming they are 64 bit object files doing the same parameter passing (double in FPU stack), here is a function that can be used (in 64 bit mode) :

function __ftol : Integer;
// Assumes double value is in FPU stack on entry
// Make a truncation to integer and put it into function result
  TmpVal: Int64;
  SaveCW, ScratchCW: word;


  fnstcw word ptr [SaveCW]
  fnstcw word ptr [ScratchCW]
  or word ptr [ScratchCW], 0F00h  ;// trunc toward zero, full precision
  fldcw word ptr [ScratchCW]
  fistp qword ptr [TmpVal]
  fldcw word ptr [SaveCW]
  mov rax, TmpVal
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Whilst the routine is not used explicitly by GraphicsEx, it might be used by a .obj file that is linked into one of the GraphicsEx units. – David Heffernan Oct 8 '11 at 7:41
Don't assume parameter passing will be the same in 64 bit. Completely different ABI. – David Heffernan Oct 8 '11 at 8:41
@David, Correct, this type of parameter passing convention was used in 32 bit by linux/GCC. In 64 bit, it is done differently, see X86_calling_conventions – LU RD Oct 8 '11 at 9:38

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