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Does anyone know how much costs the PDFNet Mobile SDK for Android?

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I recently approached them for a license for the company I work for. After shifting through their proposal, they wanted CRAZY AMOUNT (tens of thousands) for their product (for iOS and Android SDK).


After asking questions to support, it was clear that even they did not know the product. I asked how to do a task, they sent me a huge block of code. Later, I found a single property to perform this task.

Also, the price for this is RIDICULOUS! You have to contact them, and they will ask you every question possible about your business. Then, they will come back with a crazy quote. We did the math with the crazy terms/requirements listed in their proposal, and they wanted $42,000 to use their product in our (free) app.

This company/product should be avoided...

Find another solution sir. These people are off-the-wall.

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  • For PC License

SDK Core:

PDFNet Core SDK - $899US


Convert - $599US
PDF/A - $599US
PDF Optimizer - $349US
PDF Redaction - $499US

Reciept for purchase:

Receipt - $1.50US
  • For Enterprise, I guess you can contact them for better price.
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Note that these prices appear to be per device ("A Development License is included free with each production CPU License purchase", implying that what you are buying is a "production CPU License"). –  CommonsWare Oct 8 '11 at 11:39

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