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In my app I want to have certain buttons that are inactive when there is no row selected in my table view. There is a method didSelectRowAtIndexPath, that tells me when a row was selected. Is there a way to know if a row was deselected?

Thank you in advance.

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There's a method called deselectRowAtIndexPath:animated: in UITableView. You have to override it in a custom class to react on deselections.

See this article.

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- (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath{
    if (thisCell.accessoryType == UITableViewCellAccessoryNone) {
        thisCell.accessoryType = UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark;
        cout << "selected Row: " << selectedRow << endl;
    } else {
        thisCell.accessoryType = UITableViewCellAccessoryNone;
        cout << "deselected Row: " << selectedRow << endl;


Is one way of visually and programmatically showing it.

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