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I create a soap server use below code. I found it is a little hard to create wsdl document in PHP .so I decide use non-wsdl mode.

 $soapServer = new SoapServer(NULL,array('uri'=>'http://com.test.env',


but when I try to access this program, it print nothing. both web-browser and program(I use SoapClient)

  $client = new SoapClient(NULL,array('uri'=>'http://com.test.env',
                                    'style'    => SOAP_DOCUMENT,
                                    'use'      => SOAP_LITERAL));

var_dump($client->__call('workprocess_orders_api_add',array())); //print null
var_dump($client->__getFunctions()); //print null

I tired call some function like this at client-side:

echo $client->sayHello('test');

I get error:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Client] looks like we got no XML document in /Users/breeze.kay/Sites/ad-test/soap.php:15

where is wrong ? I have no idea.:( the code looks ok. why there is no print?

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OK, I tried it out.

the problem is the request url must append ?wsdl ,like this: http://localhost/wbs/api.php?wsdl

but I use url-rewrite for my sites. the rewrite rule break the original url struct.

by the way, dose somebody know where talk about the url rule for soap request?

I read some manual not find it.

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WSDL generation is not supported yet ... I think I have to use other libary to generate wsdl file –  9nix00 Oct 9 '11 at 10:02

The XML document not found error usually occurs when there is an empty space before php opening or after closing tag, try clearing that and test.

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