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In VB.net I've got the following line that removes all non-alphanumeric chars from a string:

return Regex.Replace(build, "[\W]", "")

I now need to extend this to remove non-alphanumeric chars that aren't [] or _.

I've changed the line to:

return Regex.Replace(build, "[\W\[\]_]", "")

However I'm pretty sure that this says

replace non-word or [ or ] or _

how do I negate the tests for the [] and _ chars so that it says

replace non-word and not [ and not ] and not _

Some examples:

"[Foo Bar_123456]" => "[FooBar_123456]"
"[Foo Bar_123-456*]" => "[FooBar_123456]"

(More can be supplied if necessary)

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You can use character set subtraction:


Ie. \W with _, [ and ] removed (latter two needing an escape because they are meta-characters in a character set). A verbatim string @"..." avoids needing to escape each backslash from C#:

var re = new Regex(@"[\W-[_\[\]]]");
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I see. Should the pattern be: [\W-[\_\[\]]]? –  Jon Egerton Oct 8 '11 at 10:23
@JonEgerton Oops, yes. Got carried away with backslashes :-). –  Richard Oct 8 '11 at 10:27
[\W-[][]] works, too. ] doesn't have to be escaped if it's the first character after the opening [ or [^; [ isn't special if it doesn't follow -; and _ is not matched by \W, so there was never any need to list it. –  Alan Moore Oct 8 '11 at 11:03

Try this regex:


It says match (and then replace) everything except alphanumeric (including "_"), "[", and "]"

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