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I have an android app created using html5, jquery and phonegap and it stores entries into sql db. I already have populated all data into the database. Now, my question is how can I save this populated db and pack it with the apk file so that it'll just copy it to phones memory when the user installs the app?

I used Chrome and that is where I populated the data.

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I just asked phonegap about this and they said it's not supported for android yet. A suggestion is to migrate it by populating the database on first launch of the app. – Saint Dee Oct 11 '11 at 21:58

As far as exporting the data you have in your already populated database, I would refer you over to this post where they walk through how that might be done.

Once you have a dump of your database, I believe the easiest is to just manually populate the database the first time the app loads. If you use a library like html5sql.js you will be able to do this easily and in basically one step.

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,i tried to port your html5sql.js to an android webview app,but it fails to run.It say's : result of expression 'html5sql.database' [null] is not an object any idea? – wHiTeHaT Jan 15 '12 at 15:23

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