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I have installed MediaWiki, and a link dissapears that redirects me to 'http://wiki.website.com/mw-config/index.php'. The problem is: I go to 'http://mw-config/index.php'. How is that possible?


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re-asked at MediaWiki cannot get path with somewhat more details. –  Tgr Oct 9 '11 at 10:26

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It's likely the link is being written out as href="//mw-config/index.php" which will cause the behaviour you are seeing. The question of why is probably something to do with your configuration (something to do with a base path, if this is the cause), but it's hard to say exactly what without knowing more.

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Thanks, I have paste the same code in my localhost. If i look to the source code for the link localhost displays: Please <a href="/wiki.website.com/mw-config/index.php"> set up the wiki</a> first. and my live domain displays: Please <a href="\/mw-config/index.php"> set up the wiki</a> first. Very strange. How is that possible? –  Jordy Oct 8 '11 at 11:58

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