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I have a SVG canvas and when I double-click on it, I create a new SVG element inside it.

How I do to create a click event for these new elements created at real time by the id of the new element.

These elements ids will be a word I inform.

The elements are created by an external API (Graph Dracula), so can't change it.

Example: I add a new element called "Renato", so the element id will be "Renato".

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If those SVG elements share a common click handler, consider event delegation. –  Šime Vidas Oct 8 '11 at 13:19

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It sounds like you should just be able to bind it using something like:

$("#...").click(function() { ... });

Basically it's like normal. You just need some kind of reference to it and you can use jQuery to bind something on it. If you're creating it, you obviously have a reference to it then, so you could do it at that step.

Edit: just read that they're created by an external API. However, if you know the id, you can always just use $("#idhere").

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You would want to use the live function in jQuery. It can tie events to dynamically created elements after the DOM has loaded.

$("#Renato").live("click", function(){...});
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