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I'm using eclipse on my mac and I randomly get character \160 (whatever that is) instead of a white space in my code.

From time to time when I compile I get

java:74: illegal character: \160

if (c == '*' ||?c == '/')

where my code reads in eclipse

if (c == '*' || c == '/')

This is just annoying and usually resolved by deleting the supposed invisible ? and pressing spacebar once again in the editor.

I'm curious as to why this happens if anybody has an idea.

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as @Hanynowsky mention it is related to a different encoding between the source you copied and the one from your file. I have not found any way to automatically removed the bogus mismatching characters, but you can actually see them in eclipse if you enable the editor to show whitespaces.

For doing that:

  • set Eclipse to "show whitespace characters" (option under Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors)
  • the bogus \160 character will appear as " ." even if your other spaces will appear as ".". So you just need to delete the " ." occurrences and you are good!
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When you copy / paste a code from a website page into your IDE editor, you might get this error as the copied code has invisible unknown characters, usually white spaces. Unfortunately I do not know of any solution bar to remove and re-ident every white spaces between your code's identifiers.

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