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I'm after a really good guide on how to do the following, I'm making an app where I can take a photo, let me preview it, tag people from facebook, upload to facebook. I've found code for the camera, previewing etc from around here, found the FB API and codes to do all the uploading, but I'm not sure 1.How to do the tagging, and 2. Where do I put the code, if I need to make a new file, what do I call it, do I need to do anything in main.xml?

I hope that's given you all the info you need, I know most of it's on this site, but I need to know where all the code needs to go, or what to call any new files that need adding.

Oh, and maybe the same for videos?

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Use the facebook graph api. It's very simple.

Authenticate the user in facebook and store the access token. If you dont want to authenticate the user every time, ask for offline_access permission, this permission gives you a non expirable access token. And you need specific permissions to create and manage albums and photos


Get the user friend list using the the access token and create functionality to the user draw squares and pick users from the friend list based on the squares


Get the user albums and allow the user to pick one or allow the user to create new albums (if you create a album, the resource will return a json with the album id)


Upload your photo (the resource will return a json with the photo id)


Create the tags


The tags graph resource receives the parameters to, x and y. To is the friend id (that you need to store in the draw square moment), and the x and y are the cartesian coordinates of the square. The album and the photo creation receives a name and a description.

Anything else?

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