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I am adding a variable to a dictionary like this:

rr_context["start_date"] = c.start_date

And then I pass the dictionary to render_to_response:

return render_to_response(

Then in template I try to format it this way:

{{ start_date|date:"F" }}

But it returns nothing. I found the problem is for some reason Django passes a variable looking like this: (datetime.date(2011, 10, 7),). I don't know why it happens this way. I read the docs and I think I did it right way. What can be the issue?

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It seems that your start_date is a tuple and not a single date value. That's why the date filter doesn't work.

You should check that c.start_date is a date, because it looks like it's a tuple.

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Oh, man, that was such a dumb error I did. I entered rr_context["start_date"] = c.start_date, instead of rr_context["start_date"] = c.start_date, so I just removed comma nad it worked fine! –  Sergei Basharov Oct 8 '11 at 15:34

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