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Does anyone know the VendorID for this device? Another answer here INQ Cloud Touch debugging mentions adding "2314" to %userprofile%.android\adb_usb.ini on Windows systems, however I am using Ubuntu and am unsure if this is value is actually the Vendor ID or not. And adding this to the 70-android.rules does not seem to get the device recognized via "adb devices". Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks very much!

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This command:


on Ubuntu will list all the connected usb devices with their id.

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Thanks very much, that did confirm that 2314 is the correct vendor id, though the device is still not reconized by adb devices... Thanks again –  blackbourna Oct 9 '11 at 3:49
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The INQ Cloud Touch (and possibly other INQ devices) use an alternate version of adb, available here:


Use this in place of the standard adb and follow the tutorial from Android Developers:


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