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There is a similar question like mine from 2009 with no answers. Here is that post: Multiple tabs in IE with one instance of the toolbar

My question: Using banding objects in C# to create an IE toolbar, can we make it so there is only one instance of the toolbar running for all tabs? Is there a work-around?

I am wondering if there is now a way to do this while still using band objects in c#. If not, could someone suggest a work-around (or a resource for a work-around)? I am doing development on an IE toolbar that requires a user to log in to our web service, unfortunately, when they open a new tab THEY HAVE TO LOG IN AGAIN! We really want to get rid of this, so any help you could give me would be great.


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Keep a global variable for LogIn ..or LogIn_SessionId. So if that variable is populated, no need to show the dialog again. Once the dll is loaded in memory , global data would remain there, even how many times dll load/unload is called.

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