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I would retrieve some listings with ebay and order it with:

    •   EndTimeSoonest
(in) Sorts items by end time, with items ending soonest listed first.

So I have set this url:

 var url ="http://svcs.ebay.com/services/search/FindingService/v1";
            url += "?OPERATION-NAME=findItemsByKeywords";
            url += "&SERVICE-VERSION=1.0.0";
            url += "&SECURITY-APPNAME=xxxxxx";
            url += "&GLOBAL-ID=EBAY-"+loc;
            url += "&RESPONSE-DATA-FORMAT=JSON";
            url += "&REST-PAYLOAD";
            url +="callback=e";
            url += "&keywords="+mystring;
            url += "&paginationInput.entriesPerPage=50";
                url += "&SortOrderType=EndTimeSoonest";         
            url += urlfilter;

The problem is that results are not ordered by ending time of auctions. What I am doing wrong? Here there is the SortOrder guide: http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/finding/callref/findItemsAdvanced.html#Request.sortOrder

Thank you so much.

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The input is 'sortOrder=EndTimeSoonest' not SortOrderType! You could also do with '&paginationInput.pageNumber=NUMBER' to fullfill the pagination contract.

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