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I'm noobie in c++. I have class DataBase which contains tables( class Table) and I must overload operators to get next result: dataBase(3,5)=someTable; - this code must replace tables 3-5 from database with table someTable.

So, help me please whith overload methods signatures.

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The signature for overloading the function call operator within your DataBase class is:

reference_type operator()( int first, int last );

Where reference_type is a proxy reference, that is a helper type that stores a reference to the database and the first and last indexes, and overloads operator= to do the replacement. Something in the lines of:

class proxy_reference
    proxy_reference( DataBase& database, int first, int last )
      : _database( database )
      , _first( first ), _last( last )

    --something-- operator=( Table const& someTable )
        /* replace tables _first to _last from _database with someTable */

    DataBase& _database;
    int _first, _last;
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