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I have FB connect implemented in my app. After battling with the FB app installed on a user's phone, I finally had success forcing the standard FB dialog and bypassing the FB app (see iOS: Connect to Facebook without leaving the app for authorization)

My new problem is that I cannot seem to switch FB users within the app. When I click the "Login with Facebook" button from within my app, it quickly brings up the FB dialog, dissappears, and always logs me back in with the previous user (meaning I have no way to switch FB users).

I've check both Safari and the FB app, and neither are logged in. Do I have to tell FB to log out the previous user before a new user/pass is prompted?


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Your implementation probably saves user's access token in NSUserDefaults. If it is so - you just need to delete it from NSUserDefaults any time there is a logout or you're switching users.

Also if needed you are able to deauthorize the user by making a DELETE graph API call to uid/permissions.

hope this helps

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