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I am developing a website for a friend which was earlier developed by some other guy, basically i am a php pro and dont ve much experience in html (or untill now) ...

now, i am trying to validate my webpage, earlier it was showing 162 errors, i ve brought it down to 1 error (thankyou) ... ha ha

earlier with 162 errors, it was looking good in firefox3 but not loading at all in ie6 or ie7 .....

now since i ve managed to get it down to 1 error, its looking good in firefox as usual and loads on ie6 and ie7 as well but not rendering properly in ie's .... page layout is a bit garbled.

the only error which remains now is .... Attribute "height" exists, but can not be used for this element. .....

now when i take care of all these mistakes ... i.e removing height="100%" in tables .... even firefox refuses to show it properly.

Please point me in the right direction ... i ve been working on this whole site for the last five days .. and its pro-bono ....

i dont know the rules about posting links .... anyways ... here's the link for the page i am talking about ...... i hope i am making sense ...

please view this page in ff3 and ie6 or ie7 to see what i am saying .... any help would be greatly appreciated ....

thanks a million in advance

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You might try using style="height: 100%" instead of height="100%"

Most height/width properties on tags assume you are talking about pixels, so it doesn't know what your '%' character means.

See this article.

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Before all, 100% as property on any element, in almost all cases are stupid. None of browsers applies correctly 100% value.

But, if you're trying to validate your document, quit the 100% value from and put it on a separate CSS class. e.g:

table {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

Now i hope that your document comes valid! haha


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