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ASP .NET MVC2 application is installed in Windows XP , IIS 5.1 .

After opening several pages or pressing F5 file requests like

 Accept: application/javascript, */*;q=0.8

return error

HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
 Internet Information Services 

Browser (IE9 ) should limit max number of concurrent connections to 3 . So Windows XP 10 connection limit should not occur here. I tried in localhost also and same 403.9 exception occurs. Localhost should not have XP 10 connection limit.

Ideas to resolve:

Can disabling http 1.1 in iis fixes this so that HTTP 1.0 is used: I looked in IIS manager properties but havent found place where to disable 1.1 I Googled for "disable http 1.1 in iis" but havent found any information. So I dont know how to disable http 1.1

XP supports also IIS 7 developemnt server. Should I try to install this ?

How to use asp .net mvc application in XP ?

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