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I am new to JRuby and Rails. When I precompile my assets it fills my logs with junk that I am not interested in.

(in /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319) mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers mkdir -p /srv/test/releases/cba9797f510b211ff3568c9bb800ee7a7366c319/public/assets/controllers

I have tried --quiet, i have turned logging off.

Any ideas?


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Still seems to be happening, anyone have any ideas? –  user985839 Oct 10 '11 at 17:22
Did you ever find a fix? It's annoying the heck out of me too. –  Marten Veldthuis Jan 16 '12 at 11:27

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There are two main output suppressor options that you might want to consider.

Do not log messages to standard output.

-q, --quiet     

Also suppresses the 'in directory' announcement.

-s, --silent

Silent is probably the option you were looking for. You can view all the options for most rake tasks by adding the --help option. For example:

rake assets:precompile --help

Hope this helps. For more info on precompiling assets see this post.

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