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Searched for a few hours, but I'm stuck in a my learning curve for PlayFramework with JPA. I'm building a sample website where posts can be made. But these posts can have the states:

  • PostDraft (post is a draft, do not publish)
  • PostPublished (post can be published)

These states are stored in a seperate table. Obviously, the draft state posts should not be visible yet.

So I have these classes:

  • Page class (getting the page information from table, 1 page can have multiple posts)
  • Posts class (posts can be in draft and published)

In my page class I have:

private List<Posts> userPosts;

But this is not working! So, how can I specifify a where clause, to load only the posts that are in published state without using JPQL??


UPDATE: 2011-10-11

Table: Posts with columns: - id - title - state_ref (reference to the ID of States table) - content

Table: States with columns: - id - statename

So I want to say something like:

select * 
from posts inner join states on posts.state_ref =
where states.statename = 'PostPublished'

UPDATE 2011-10-13

This is my current modification, in my page class: but it does not work either.

/** link to the states */
@JoinColumn(name = "STATES_REF")
@Where(clause = "states.statename = 'PostPublished'")
public MyState state;

UPDATE 2012-02-13 Emt's answer worked for me after all.

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Try something like:

private List userPosts;


private List userPosts;

depending on the status field type on your Post entity.

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This is not working too :-( . Please see update. – adis Oct 11 '11 at 14:14

The where clause must be a complete condition - something like this. Assuming that state is a property on the post.

@Where(clause="state = 'PostPublished'")
private List<Posts> userPosts;


Based on the data model - the following should work. I wouldn't recommend using it. Don't map the posts collection - just have a reference to Page from the POsts class, add a method to your DAO to retrieve the published posts for a page by using HQL or criteria query.

@Where(clause="exists (select id from states where state_ref = and states.statename = 'PostPublished')")
private List<Posts> userPosts;
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Hi gkamal, thanks for answering but the this is not working for me. I will update my question with the data model. – adis Oct 11 '11 at 14:06
Hi, updated based on your inputs, this should work. – gkamal Oct 11 '11 at 14:48
Hi gkamal, I cannot use this since I have a states table and all the states are in this table. So also states of persons, and states of comments etc... :-( – adis Oct 13 '11 at 7:55

The where condition must contain a database column name:

@Where(clause="state = 'PostPublished'")

Here the state column name is in DB and not in the Hibernate mapping.

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