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I'm trying to use JodaTime in Scala. So I did

import org.joda.time.DateTime

val dt = new DateTime(2011, 10, 8, 18, 30) // try to set to 6:30 pm, Oct 8, 2011

Unfortunately, Scala thinks I'm trying to use the DateTime(Object) constructor instead of the 5 int constructor, and, not surprisingly, a Tuple5 is not the kind of Object JodaTime was expecting.

How do I tell Scala to use the 5-int constructor?


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It's probable that you're using an older version of JodaTime. The constructor you are trying to use didn't exist until JodaTime 2.0.

Older versions of JodaTime had no 5 param ctor. Since Scala can't find one, it assumes that you're attempting to pass in a tuple, which matches the Object ctor. You can find more details in this excellent answer.

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You're exactly right. I was looking at Javadocs for 2.0, but the dependency I was relying on was for 1.6.2. –  TOB Oct 9 '11 at 0:56
Sorry. I tried to up-vote and don't have sufficient experience. I didn't realize I could check! (Which explains why I don't have sufficient experience to up-vote.) :-) –  TOB Oct 29 '11 at 18:54

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