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I want to reset the value of local storage form a from that user enter it's values.

I make default value

//default setting values

but when user submit a form this code is excuting

var activateAutoAlert=$("input[name='activateAutoAlert']").is(":checked")?"true":"false";

the alert works and display "true" value, but the local storage still "false"!

How can I set variable value to a local storage . I tried these ways


and no one update the value of local storage. Any suggestions??

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This is working fine for me:

localStorage.autoalert = "false";
$("input[name='activateAutoAlert']").click(function() {
    var activateAutoAlert = $("input[name='activateAutoAlert']").is(":checked") ? "true" : "false";
    localStorage.autoalert = activateAutoAlert;

Is the form submit reloading the same page? How are you making sure your code to set autoalert to false isn't getting executed after the reload?

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The same code works tonight, it seems that the chrome need to be closed an opened again to make the update process on local storage. –  palAlaa Oct 9 '11 at 22:19

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