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Simple really but cannot get it to work, here is my script...

$('body').after('<div id="lightBox" style="height: ' + htmlHeight + 'px;"></div>');

How can I get it to fade in rather than just pop up? putting fadeIn after or before .after() doesn't work?

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$('body').after('<div id="lightBox" style="height: ' + htmlHeight + 'px; display:none;"></div>');
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$('body').after('<div id="lightBox" style="height: ' + htmlHeight + 'px;"></div>');  

It hides it and then fades in

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Works perfectly, think I was overcomplicating things :p – novactown Oct 8 '11 at 23:34

Short way:

$('body').after($('<div id="lightBox" style="height: ' + htmlHeight + 'px;"></div>').hide().fadeIn());
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This would be a better answer if it included an explanation along with the code. – John Hascall Feb 17 at 17:04

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