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I have a problem using Eclipse STS suite for developing Spring MVC project with Maven. By default, Spring MVC template uses maven for building. It builds with maven (rmc on pom.xml -> Run As -> Maven install) but eclipse highligts all maven-managemented dependencies in red. (and mark them as an errors) I'm using m2eclipse for eclipse WTP. Here is a screenshot:

And here is my pom.xml file:

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If there is no error marker in the pom.xml then is mostly only a refereshing problem.

(Make sure, that Maven support is enables for this project ("package explorer"/Project/Maven/Enable Dependency Management).

Then Try: right click on your project in the "package explorer", select Maven/Update Project Configuration to update the project configuration.

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Where is it - "package explorer"/Project/Maven/Enable Dependency Management? I'm completely new to eclipse, just migrating here from NetBeans. Are you talking about Project -> Properties? But there is no tab for maven. And there is no menu item for maven when i rmc on my project. – execc Oct 9 '11 at 8:56
"Package Explorer" is a view/tab containing a tree with the project structure. (Press Crtl+3, type package explorer, press enter -- and the package exporer opens if it is not open, else the package explorere view/tab get the focus). Then select YOUR PROJECT, press the right mouse button, and the select Maven/Update Project in the context menu – Ralph Oct 9 '11 at 17:03

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