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I need to download all the followers of a user on Twitter, then download all the followers of each follower (second level network). I need the data in any format. Is it possibile? What would you use?

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I would use the Twitter API reference and a programming language which has libraries that can do HTTP-requests and OAuth. –  vstm Oct 9 '11 at 8:44

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There is a twitter module for python for example. You will need to register an appliction and to use oAuth. Bad news: also if you prefere something else than python, you will have to use OAuth. Good news: to use the twitter module in order to get information is quite simple afterwards.

Update: You can also use supertweet.net if you don't want to mess around with OAuth!

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You can use www.TWEXLIST.com. A a recent solution to export any Twitter list (public or private), followers list, followings list of any Twitter account (yours or any others) in an Excel spreadsheet.

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