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What is the Windows Task Manager "Handles" column a measure of? File Handles? Or Page File Pointers? Also is it bad for one program to have 8000 handles?

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Shouldn't this be moved to Superuser rather than closed? – Hubro Sep 3 '13 at 14:07
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It's a measure of kernel handles. Kernel handles types and the functions that create them include:

  • File handles (CreateFile)
  • Memory mapped files (CreateFileMapping)
  • Events (CreateEvent)
  • Mutexes (CreateMutex)
  • Semaphores (CreateSemaphore)
  • Processes (CreateProcess)
  • Threads (CreateThread)

And more than I forget or have never heard of.

8000 for a single process seems incredibly excessive.

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8000 for a single process does seem rather a lot, but not necessarily out of the question - it depends on the behaviour. You should think of handles as a special kind of memory - high usage is a possible warning sign, but not if it is stable. If the handle usage is stable, then it is not a sign of a leak, although you might have some optimisation to perform to get it to use fewer handles.

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