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i would like to change the text in my checkboxlist text by appending a text "new". So the new checkboxes are "onenew" and "twonew"?

 var resultaat = $("label[for^=CheckBoxList1]").get().split();

            $.each(resultaat, function () {
//how to append 'new' to the values?

 <asp:CheckBoxList ID="CheckBoxList1" runat="server">
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Use the following line instead of var resultaat ... });.

    $(this).text( $(this).text() + "new" );

Or (as an alternative method):

$("label[for^=CheckBoxList1]").text(function(i, text){
    return text + "new";
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Correct idea, but wrong implementation.. label element has no .val instead you have to use .html or .text e.g. $(this).text( $(this).text() + "new" ); - see here. –  Shadow Wizard Oct 9 '11 at 9:26
thanks for your help guys! –  user603007 Oct 9 '11 at 9:41

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