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I'm trying to put an image in view section I have defined a table but it seems{{for table in tables:}} doesn't work. My code is:

default.py (Controller)

def index():
    return dict(message=T('Hello World'))

def Tables(): 
   return dict(tables=db().select(db.table.ALL))

def download():
    return response.download(request, db)

db.py (model)

          Field('image', type='upload')

This is it and I tried to do {{for table in tables:}} before putting the image, but it says, the tables is not defined.I used {{pass}} after for. Can you guys help me a bit?


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Are you trying to edit which view?

from your code it will work well:

in model

          Field('image', type='upload'))

# I do not recommend calling a table 'table' it is can be a reserved keyword

in dontrollers/default.py

def tables(): 
   return dict(tables=db().select(db.mytable.ALL))

in views/default/tables.html

{{for table in tables:}}
    <img src="{{=URL('default', 'download', args=table.image)}}" /> <br />
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