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I have a problem with tinyMCE and Image URLs in rails. I inserted the image with this URL:


and the image is properly inserted. But when I right-click on the image and select insert/edit image, there is this (instead of the URL I pasted):


Since I use this image on more pages, this relative URLs doesn't work for me. I want to set that tinyMCE doesn't modify the URL at all. The URL should be exactly the same, as I write it!

After i did some digging, I believe I should set convert_urls : false inside tinyMCE.init. Am I right? But I am not able to set this.

I looked for tinyMCE.init function inside my rails project with grep -r "tinyMCE.init" * and I found one call of init function inside public/javascripts/tiny_mce/plugins/fullscreen/fullscreen.htm file. The call of init function looks like:


above the call there is this code, which set the settings:

            // Set options
            delete settings.id;
            settings['mode'] = 'exact';
            settings['elements'] = 'fullscreenarea';
            settings['add_unload_trigger'] = false;
            settings['ask'] = false;
            //     settings['document_base_url'] = window.opener.tinyMCE.activeEditor.documentBaseURI.getURI();
            settings['fullscreen_is_enabled'] = true;
            settings['fullscreen_editor_id'] = oeID;
            settings['theme_advanced_resizing'] = false;
            settings['strict_loading_mode'] = true;

            //I ADDED THIS TWO LINES
            settings['convert_urls'] = false;
            settings['relative_urls'] = false;

As you can see I commented out the line with 'document_base_url' and added the last two lines. But this doesn't work. The URLs are stil modifying when I insert them. Can anyone help me with this?

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Try adding this:

settings['remove_script_host'] = false;
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This still doesn't work for me. Strange, as I read the documentation, this would have to work. I will probably edit links in the DB :( –  nikicc Oct 9 '11 at 13:26

This page might help you to decide what url setting to choose: http://www.tinymce.com/tryit/url_conversion.php

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