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For some reason firebug is not showing that litte red 'X' icon in the bottom right corner anymore in my localhost development.

Is there a setting that I might have somehow changed?

I purposely make an error in my .js file and I get nothing!

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In Firebug, click the dropdown next to the "Console" tab, and check "Enable console for Local Files".

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"Local files" are just if you run a html directly from your disk. I think when he sais "localhost development", he is running through http://localhost, which is not considered "Local files" in this context (even though it physically is...) –  awe Sep 10 '10 at 7:54

Many asynchronous callbacks "swallow" errors. That is, any error can occur in the callback and it won't show in Firebug or any just-in-time debugger I know of. However, with "Break on All Errors" on, Firebug will stop. Look for that in the Script tab options.

Are you using TrimPath? It can also "swallow" errors.

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To be honest, I have no idea. But I have run into firebug issues before and reinstalling takes about 2 minutes and usually fixes the problem

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Do you have anything like this in your javascript?

window.onerror = function(){
    return true;

This will suppress any normal behavior of errors.

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Is the Firebug icon yellow or grey? If it is grey, then Firebug is turned off (or all the panels are disabled).

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