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I have downloaded the files from jstree home downoad link. i am already using jquery library.

The download contains the following files 1. _lib (three .js files)
2. themes (different theme styles(.css), also includes pics for jstree)
3. _docs folder(documentation notes)
4. _demo(demonstation files)
5. jquery.jstree.js(currently i have only included this file in my app)

What files(pics .js & .css) do i need to include in my rails app from the download. I have seen links to other _libs that you can download. Thank you

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Assuming you only wanted the base jsTree install you would include:

themes/default/ (Copy this entire folder into your project)

Then you can include:

jquery.cookie.js - For cookie support
jquery.hotkeys.js - For keyboard support
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@BladeOrz thanks i just realized that i had another file style.css, that was causing conflict, thanks anyway. –  Hishalv Oct 9 '11 at 11:29

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