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I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a class that exists for handling user comments already. I can always write my own, but I figure I wouldn't re-invent the wheel if there is one out there.

Id like to be able to display a comment form, manipulate/validate/sanitize user input, and possibly more functions such as inserting into a database.

If anyone knows of any classes/packages that already implement this sort of thing, I'd love it if they could share.

Thank you,

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Inserting into a DB is very specific, and would definitely be outside the scope of a (well-designed) general purpose comment library. Captcha, validation/sanitization, gravatar/Identicon (google them), would all be relevant to a general-purpose comment library though. –  gregmac Apr 20 '09 at 22:33

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Aside from collaborating with a 3rd party ASP-style vendor (like Pluck), I'm not sure you're going to find something like this.

I've seen components to support comments in the ORM (such as Commentable Behavior Plugin for Propel within symfony) but that doesn't give you anything in the way of forms, sanitization, display, user validation, etc.

And then there's the question of features: Do you want flaggable comments? Rich HTML? Emoticons? URL Parsing? Nested comments? Moderation tools? Profanity filtering?

I suppose all of this depends heavily on what type of existing system you're adding this to, as well (can you leverage AJAX? MVC? Postbacks? etc) but really I think it's a fairly broad topic which is why you'll probably just want to roll your own.

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Another 3rd party option is www.kickapp.com which seems to be pretty decent.

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