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i've a from and i want to fill it automatically based on information from a database and filled fields :


  Field('name'), # e.g. Daniel
  Field('email'),# e.g.
  Field('opening'), # e.g. Dear Daniel

  Field('name'),  # e.g. John
  Field('email'), # e.g.
  Field('tel'),   # e.g. 111 222 111

  Field('sender',,     # e.g. Daniel
  Field('receiver',, # e.g. John
  Field('opening'), # should be filled automatically when choosing/changing the value of "receiver"

i use the plugin_lazy_widget

db.letter.opening.widget = suggest_widget(db.receiver.opening,, 
                                          limitby=(0,10), min_length=1, db=db(db.i2l_receiver_profile.user_id==auth.user_id))

but this widget or even the web2py_autocomplete_widget returns always the ID of the chosen record! and not what we really put in "opening", like the example above: it returns 1 and not Dear Daniel

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I don't think you want to use the suggest_widget (or the built-in autocomplete widget). Instead, you want the 'opening' field dynamically filled in as soon as the user selects a receiver. For that, you probably need a modified version of the lazy_options_widget (not used in conjunction with the suggest_widget).

Also, note that using an id_field with the 'opening' field wouldn't be appropriate anyway because it is not a reference field (so there is no associated id to reference).

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instead :

db.letter.opening.widget = suggest_widget(db.receiver.opening,, 
                                          limitby=(0,10), min_length=1, db=db(db.i2l_receiver_profile.user_id==auth.user_id))


db.letter.opening.widget = suggest_widget(db.receiver.opening, 
                                          limitby=(0,10), min_length=1, db=db(db.i2l_receiver_profile.user_id==auth.user_id))

that means not defining "id_field" will prevent it

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