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I have the following issue in OpenCV: I have built the openCV libraries with CMake and compiled the OpenCV solution and the corresponding .pdb files were generated. I have a project that uses OpenCV library and I want to step into a function(cvStereoRectify) that crashes. I have included the symbols in my project (the folder were .pdb files are located) and when it hits the breakpoint at that function and I hit "Step Into" the error is generated and it doesn't go into the OpenCV source function. At runtime, the Modules window shows that opencv_calib3d.dll (and others opencv_*.dll) says that "Cannot find or open the PDB file".

Can someone show me the right way to do this ?? Thanks in advance, Tamash

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In order to step into openCV code you have to copy the pdb and the dll files to the location of your project.

in order to do so , go to your project properties , on the post build step type the lines:

copy "C:\OpenCV2.31\CMake_Build\bin\Debug\*.dll"
 copy "C:\OpenCV2.31\CMake_Build\bin\Debug\*.pdb"

enter image description here

If that doesn't work , you'll have to include the *h and *cpp directories of the openCV library on your project setting:

On additional include directories type :


enter image description here

Good luck

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Thanks!! It worked :D – Tamas Ionut Oct 10 '11 at 17:50

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