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I'm getting to a stage where I need to build up HTML client side based on JSON responses from the server. Bugger doing this manually.

I'm already using jQuery on the app. I had a quick look for jQuery templates but the docs tell me it's deprecated, awaiting a better plugin.

This question asks pretty much the same thing, but the question is close to 3 years old now, I'm assuming plenty could have changed by now.

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Boris Moore, the same guy who created jQuery Templates is currently working on a project which is pretty much like jQuery-templates-in-steroids. He explains it here.

In short, if jQuery Templates is the best engine around, you can give jsViews and jsRender a try.

Here's another presentation that summarizes it all very nicely.

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You may checkout micro templating from John Resig.

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I've been using jTemplates by many years and really like how its simple yet powerful. Unfortunatelly, it isn't updated anymore and I think its deprecated too.

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There's also Distal for inline templating.

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