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According to my Haskell teacher you can write any function usinig foldr. He gave me some excersises. one of them was to recreate the length function using foldr. I've been sitting and thinking, and I couldn't fix it.

I'm stuck at the second line after the = symbol. Can someone help me?

length'  :: [a] -> Int
length' = foldr ()

The output of the code in ghci should be like this:

>length' "Hello"
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The first argument of foldr must be a function of type a -> b -> b where a is the type of your list elements and b is the type of the accumulator. But here, you don't care about the value of the items of the list : the function just has to add 1 to the accumulator for each element. So the answer would be : length' = foldr (\_ -> (+1)) 0

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Thanks, it works! :) God Bless you –  Julek Oct 11 '11 at 17:30
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