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In MySQL, is there a way to order my results by the length (characters) of a column?

For example:

lorem ip
lorem ips
lorem ipsum

I would like to order my results by the smallest column length first, "lor", and ending in the largest column length, "lorem ipsum". This should include column lengths of 0 too.

Any suggestions gratefully received...

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asked already see stackoverflow.com/questions/2572118/… – Kevin Burton Oct 9 '11 at 18:52
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You can use CHAR_LENGTH() function:


Notice that CHAR_LENGTH() works for Unicode strings as well, where LENGTH() is OK for Latin but may give unexpected results with Unicode:


Returns the length of the string str, measured in characters. A multi-byte character counts as a single character. This means that for a string containing five two-byte characters, LENGTH() returns 10, whereas CHAR_LENGTH() returns 5.

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Thanks for your time ypercube :) – TheCarver Oct 9 '11 at 17:38
SELECT * FROM my_table ORDER BY LENGTH(my_column)
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Have a look at the LENGTH() operator.

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Great question. I had a union in my SQL, so my solution is a bit different.

select col1, col2
from cars
where blah
select col3, col4
from trucks
where blah

I could not order by LENGTH of a particular column or even use an alias. So I ended up creating a view for this select and selecting from that. If you are using an RDBMS that allows for selecting from a select, then you could do that too.

Just putting this out there in case it helps anyone who searches and finds this question.

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