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just adding ActiveAdmin to my app, i got a problem using show/edit/destroy action cause my link doesn't point to ID but to users name (in order to be more readable for user).

ActiveAdmin correctly create my link like :

edit link : http://localhost:3000/admin/users/paul/edit (where paul is the user name)

in that case i get : Couldn't find User with ID=paul

cause of course Paul is not the id but the user name.

How can i custom ActiveAdmin to use find_by_name(params[:id]) like in my application for all the action show/edit/delete.

In other model i got a so called "SID" wich is a generated salted ID and i would like to use also the find_by_sid(params[:id]) as well for other models.

Thank's a lot.


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Check out this related question, the accepted answer is also the solution to your problem:… – rdvdijk Oct 9 '11 at 21:50
I'll try that tonight, it is effectivelly due to the to_param command. I keep you on touch after a try. – repié Oct 10 '11 at 6:37

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This will do the job in the app/admin/user.rb :

ActiveAdmin.register User do
    before_filter :only => [:show, :edit, :update, :destroy] do
        @user = User.find_by_name(params[:id])
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There is a cleaner way to do this:

ActiveAdmin.register User do
 controller do
  defaults :finder => :find_by_slug
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If you followed this railscast: and have custom routes, you can fix the active_admin routes by placing this in the app/admin/user.rb:

before_filter :only => [:show, :edit, :update, :destroy] do
  @user = User.find_by_slug!(params[:id])

It's really close to the one shown by afiah, just slightly different.

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