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Please can you help me, i know its a very rookie sort of question but i have never actually used this before and am struggling to find results in Google that are relevant.

Basically i have a set of <option> inside a <select> and want to use javascript to remove all values that have been selected, put them into a string then post it to my PHP script...

Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance.


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What does this mean "i have a set of inside a"? Please clarify. – Kris Krause Oct 9 '11 at 18:17
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Using only Javascript/DOM I'm guessing the select has multiple attribute

var selectElem = document.getElementById( 'myselect'); // your select element
var strSelection = ''; // string to store the selected stuff
for( let count = 0, limit = selectElem.options.length; count < limit; count++) //check every option
     if( selectElem.options[count].selected) // check if it's selected
         strSelection += selectElem.options[count].value + ','; // Concat to string and add delimiter, string format is up to you, here i add the .value but could also be .text or both..
selectElem.selectedIndex = -1; //Resets the selection element so all options are unselected
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I have wrote an example using jQuery, because it makes the solution very simple.

var str = "";
// iterates over all selected options and generates the value-string.
$('#id option:selected').each(function(k,el) {
   str += $(el).val()+', ';

// removes all selected options
$('#id option:selected').remove();

To send the data to the server look at these jQuery functions: jQuery.get() and

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