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I'm trying to give the user a chance to cancel FormClosing of MDI Parent by throwing a "Are you sure?" msgbox with an e.cancel however when FormClosing is invoked by MDI Parent, all MDI Children close first, before the msgbox appears.

I was wondering if there's an easier way to prevent MDI Children from closing rather than having to e.cancel every child form's FormClosing until I get a positive response to close and then push all the close events on the children because that seems like too much of a hassle if you have a lot of MDI Children.

EDIT: I guess the only solution I can find is adding If e.CloseReason = CloseReason.MdiFormClosing Then e.Cancel = True to the FormClosing event and using ApplicationExit instead.

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UI like that drives me nuts. Yes, I'm sure dammit. –  Hans Passant Oct 10 '11 at 16:58
What if you realize you weren't that sure after it closes haha –  Theveloper Oct 14 '11 at 17:15
Then I say "shoot" and start it back up, my mistake. That's one shoot for every hundred dammits. –  Hans Passant Oct 14 '11 at 17:39
but you don't agree that a bit of discomfort can save a lot of pain? –  Theveloper Oct 14 '11 at 17:46
Why on Earth would closing a program cause 'a lot of pain'? I close programs all the time, it never hurts. –  Hans Passant Oct 14 '11 at 17:56

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If e.CloseReason = CloseReason.MdiFormClosing Then
   e.Cancel = True
End If

Should do the job after which you can use Application.Exit whenever you wanna close the application

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Start form from parent

    frmMdiChild1.MdiParent = Me

Add Formclosing Sub

Private Sub frmMdiChild1_FormClosing(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventArgs) Handles Me.FormClosing
    If e.CloseReason = CloseReason.UserClosing Then
        e.Cancel = True
    End If
End Sub

@Theveloper: I tried .MdiFormClosing but it didn't work. To find out what to use, I did a MsgBox(e.CloseReason). Also, only e.Cancel = True will also prevent parent from closing(lol).

(vb.net 2010)

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