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We have hired a web design company to create a Joomla site for us. One of the web pages needs to show some videos that are hosted on YouTube. The web designers say that there is a limitation with the Joomla - YouTube API that limits the number of videos to be shown to a maximum of 5. Is this true? Where can I find this documented and explained? Are there any workarounds?

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I've never heard of this. It's unlikely youtube has this limit, because I remember seeing web pages with more than 5 embedded youtube videos. Joomla doesn't natively support embedded youtoube videos(as of January 2011, didn't check since then) but there are plenty of free 3rd part plugins out there for this purpose. Maybe they are using a free version of 3rd party plugin and it has 5 video per page limit?

As long as Youtube supports this, it should be possible. It's also very easy to code such plugin. I think you should ask an explanation from them.

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With this plugin I embedded 13 youtube videos to a page ... I can give you the working link if needed ... so it's not true !

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Would it work with HTML 5 or only flash videos? – CesarGon Oct 11 '11 at 16:47

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