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So let's say I'm working in IRB, experimenting and gradually building some new classes and methods. Or, let's say that a regular script I write (outside IRB) builds some classes/methods progressively.

Now I want to save what I have built.

Is there an easy way to automatically introspect the runtime's classes/methods and turn them into ordinary class definitions and method definitions?

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I don't know any way to do this. But to be honest that sounds really interesting and should be possible. I won't use it to develop with IRB, though. I'd really love to create some "intelligent" and "learning" code. – Koraktor Oct 9 '11 at 20:02

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Try pry, you'll never come back to IRB. You can use pry as a debugger, it works very well and has some great features like:

1.9.2 (main):0 > show-method Array#group_by

From: enum.c in Ruby Core (C Method):
Number of lines: 13

static VALUE
enum_group_by(VALUE obj)
    VALUE hash;

    RETURN_ENUMERATOR(obj, 0, 0);

    hash = rb_hash_new();
    rb_block_call(obj, id_each, 0, 0, group_by_i, hash);
    OBJ_INFECT(hash, obj);

    return hash;

Is has the edit-method command too. Imagine what you can do with it.

If you want a strictly IRB-related solution the only thing that come to my mind is sketches.

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If you're on ruby 1.8, you can use ruby2ruby for that.

Otherwise, maybe sourcify will help. Seems it only works for methods, though.

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If you use Pry instead of IRB you can do this, in fact Pry was somewhat designed for this.

Look into the edit-method and edit Pry commands, here:

Also watch the screencast found here:

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