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I have a VS solution with two projects: one is the actual code (which builds into a dll), the other is sample code that exercises the dll code. Without deleting the sample code, is there a way I can prevent the build from outputting the sample code?

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Open solution properties in Solution Explorer, right click, Properties, then Configuration Properties, then uncheck the projects you don't want to build in this configuration.

Check Solution Configuration on MSDN for details.

enter image description here

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I deleted the bin directories, and it's now working... thanks for your help. –  SpokaneDude Oct 9 '11 at 20:12
This gets you control over what projects are built. The one you run is set separately (right click project in the Solution Explorer and set one with Set as Startup Project. This lets you set it the way you like, including build one project and start debugging session with another. –  Roman R. Oct 9 '11 at 20:15

Create a new configuration that just includes the "real" code and build that.

Go to Build > Configuration Manager... then select <New> from the "Active solution configuration:" combo box.

You can copy a configuration from one of the existing ones and then just deselect your sample code project.

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