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I'm facing a really peculiar problem with my code, I am unable to push elements into a list.

I'm trying to implement a scan fill algorithm. I want the list of points that I have plotted on the screen so that I can check if a scan line intersects with them. In my Screen::plot_pixel function I push the Point into the plotted_points list. But when I iterate through the list, it's empty.(I'm iterating in shape.cpp using a friend function)

I tried using a set too but to no avail. I have attached the console output I get too.

plot_pixel gets called multiple times, I verified this by adding a print statement there but the points refuse to get pushed in. Here's all my code, point.h

#ifndef POINT_H
#define POINT_H
class Point
    float x_coordinate,y_coordinate;
    Point(float x, float y):x_coordinate(x),y_coordinate(y){}
    float get_x() const{return x_coordinate;}
    float get_y() const {return y_coordinate;}

    bool operator==(const Point rhs)const
        if( ((int)x_coordinate == (int)rhs.get_x()) && ((int)y_coordinate == (int)rhs.get_y()) )
            return true;
        else return false;

    bool operator<(const Point rhs)const
        if((int)x_coordinate < (int)rhs.get_x())
            return true;
        else return false;


#ifndef SCREEN_H
#define SCREEN_H
#include "point.h"

class Shape;

class Screen
    int max_x,max_y,grid_size;
    int delta_x,delta_y;
    int origin_x,origin_y;
    std::list<Point> plotted_points;

    // Default Constructor to Initialize the screen with the grid
    Screen(int, int, int);

    //Method prototypes
    void plot_pixel(int,int,int);
    void dda_line(Point p1, Point p2);
    int get_max_x(){return max_x;}
    int get_max_y(){ return max_y;}
    friend void draw_shape(Screen,Shape);
    friend void fill_shape(Screen,Shape);    


#include "screen.h"

void Screen::plot_pixel(int xcoord,int ycoord,int col=WHITE)
    int l,t,r,b;
    l = origin_x + xcoord * delta_x;
    r = l + delta_x;
    b = origin_y - ycoord * delta_y;
    t = b - delta_y;

    Point *tmp = new Point(xcoord,ycoord);

    //the culprit code
    delete tmp;

void Screen::dda_line(Point p1, Point p2)


#ifndef SHAPE_H
#define SHAPE_H

#include "point.h;

class Screen;

class Shape
    list<Point> figure;
    Shape(list<Point> s);
    friend void draw_shape(Screen,Shape);
    friend void fill_shape(Screen,Shape);



#include "shape.h"
#include "screen.h"

Shape::Shape(list<Point> s):figure(s){}
void fill_shape(Screen scr, Shape sh)
    list<Point>::iterator pit,vit;

    //HERE's Where I try iterating over the list and get nothing
    //to check if the plotted points and vertices are listed correctly
    cout<<"Plotted Points :\n";

    for( pit = scr.plotted_points.begin();pit != scr.plotted_points.end();pit++)
        cout<<pit->get_x()<<" "<<pit->get_y()<<endl;

    cout<<"Vertices :\n";

    for( vit = sh.figure.begin();vit != sh.figure.end();vit++)
        cout<<vit->get_x()<<" "<<vit->get_y()<<endl;

and finally my driver

#include "screen.h"
#include "shape.h"

using namespace std;

int main()
    Screen s(641,641,32);
    Point p1(-10,-10),p2(-10,10),p3(10,10),p4(10,-10);
    list<Point> rectangle_points;

    //to construct the rectangle
    Shape rectangle(rectangle_points);



    return 0;

Here's the output

Plotted Points :
Vertices :
-10 -10
-10 10
10 10
10 -10
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Could you reformat your code that not every second line is empty? It makes reading easier. – Roland Illig Oct 9 '11 at 20:32
Minimise the code, there's too much noise. – Cat Plus Plus Oct 9 '11 at 20:33
@nikhil You took so much effort to post all of this code. What you should have done though is post a relevant piece of code which we can use to reproduce your error. You cannot expect everyone to create a project with all your files and run it to find your problem. – FailedDev Oct 9 '11 at 20:33
You have a global list called plotted_points and a member variable in your screen class called plotted_points. I'd hazard that you're using the wrong one of those at some point in your code. – tinman Oct 9 '11 at 20:36
Far too much code. – Ed Heal Oct 9 '11 at 20:45

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You are passing the Screen object s into your functions, but they take the Screen object by value. They therefore take a copy of the object which they then modify. Your original Screen "s" is unchanged after the call to draw_shape().

You should probably modify them so they take a reference to a Screen object, such as:

void draw_shape(Screen& scr, Shape shp)
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+1 for finding this through all this code :) – FailedDev Oct 9 '11 at 20:53
Thank you so so much, I feel like a complete idiot for missing that. You are a lifesaver. This is really Appreciated. – nikhil Oct 9 '11 at 20:53

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